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Rodo Ffjdm5 Ffj Dust Mask X5

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Rodo Ffjdm5 Ffj Dust Mask X5

Our Price: 3.54


Brand: Rodo

Model Code: 5701457

- Disposable, Non-toxic Dust And Filter Masks - Low Risk Cup Type For Non-toxic Environments - Protects Against Inert And/Or Nuisance Dusts - Pack Of 5 - 100% Polypropylene Construction - Not For Use With Spray Paint - Suitable For Use When Harvesting, Weeding, Cleaning, Sanding, Gardening, Mowing And Working With Fibreglass And Cement Products - This Product Is Not Designed For Use As Protection Against Asbestos, Silica, Cotton Dust Or Any Other Toxic Dusts, Fumes, Mists, Vapours And Gases - Note: These Maskes Are Not Certifid To En149 And Are Not Classed As Ppe